• Sara Gordon

Global Digital Marketing.....

It’s not just enough to rely on your own internal marketing activity to expand your social media and digital presence. Professional 3rd party digital marketing companies can extend your reach over and above your own actions.

Combining a fully immersive learning environment where the real world becomes virtual, that is very close or simulates reality, where people work towards a goal, making purchasing decisions, actions, and interacting with the content lead to further buying actions that stimulate customer/supplier discussions or, further the need to visit a manufacturer, broker, or a live exhibition.

VirtualBoatExpo will give you visibility to over 1,500,000 boating enthusiasts, new or existing.

The 2 highest continents for traffic are expected to be –

Europe 61%

America 25% offers –

Free visitor registration with a comprehensive data capture & CRM system (GDPR, ICO compliant)

Live or recorded webinars

3D exhibition stands (within the virtual Marquee)

Fully rendered 3D boats in the marina

Brokerage sales office

Dockwalk video studio to host video content

A sustainable platform and CSR adherent

A 12-month marketing campaign promoting the digital marketing platform and all those on board!

Doors open May 2022 visit our website where we have a great demo for you to view and see the skills of our 3d developers!

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