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Today's consumer is more likely than ever to use the internet to research potential purchases and will ultimately influence their buying decision, in fact, a recent consumer report claimed nearly 95% of buyers will go online to find suppliers, brands, or products.

Online product demonstrations and digital marketing opportunities are becoming even more important and a powerful way to engage consumers. Virtual tours or video experiences allow your customers to experience your brands in the way they want via PC, mobile, or tablet at home or place of work. is the next generation of digital marketing, offering a fully immersive super HD virtual event, live 24/7 365 days a year that bridges the gap between live events. Our team of highly skilled web developers create your presence in one of the 3 zones we have available – Marina, Exhibition Marquee, or Broker/charter sales office furthermore, if you already have your own virtual environment, it’s more likely than not that we can import this into our platform increasing your traffic and the investment already made in your customer engagement opportunities. Our platform is loaded with fully functional customer interactions such as our Dockwalk Studio where you can host video content, text, or video chat options, speaking avatars, visitor data capture, global visitor traffic reporting tools, and more… Embracing the use of this technology and adapting to the way people buy today will put your brands in front of potential customers and we will help you do that through virtualboatexpo, a showcase to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

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